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Meet Hannah

Hannah O’Donovan is the founder of Lovedey - a consultancy partnering with businesses to incorporate sustainability and social objectives into their strategies. Helping companies reach their belief-driven goals and grow with more than just profit in mind. After a decade conceptualizing and executing large-scale events for global event producers, Hannah is using her experience to address the challenges we face as a global community. She also has a B.A. in International Development, African Studies and Social Studies of Medicine. 

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Meet Romina

Romina has a B.A. in Environmental Studies and Economics, with a Minor in International Development Studies, as well as a Diploma in Event Management. She is the founder of Eco-Friendly Events, a consulting agency that supports event organizers and businesses by bringing a holistic, accessible and realistic approach to implement green initiatives.

Our Values


One of the intended outcomes of shifting from business-as-usual to fairer systems for all, is to reduce widespread inequality. If we miss prioritizing inclusivity as we build this community, we cannot tackle equity, fairness and justice, because important voices are being left out of the conversation. Impactful change is only possible when communities come together and exchange ideas from diverse voices, to find solutions that work for everyone.


Trust is paramount in purpose-driven work. It is through trust that we connect with and motivate others to help us move towards our mission of genuine change to current systems of enterprise.. Without transparency, there is no trust. Transparency means that we are working with openness, communication and accountability, ensuring our community understands that we are doing the work to come to conversations about radical change authentically.


    What lies at the core of our beliefs, and is in fact the reason we started In the Business of Purpose, is that our current capitalist model is broken. It has produced an ever widening wealth gap, it sustains consumption and production patterns that are damaging to the environment and upholds employment practices that are harmful to people. In order to make space for more ethical behaviour and a shift to the circular economy model we so desperately need, we require a radical shake up of current systems.. For us, this means some serious disruption of business-as-usual. It is only by disrupting these systems in their current state that we will redefine success in business. 


    Education is the gateway to change. We can’t change what we do not understand. One of our team’s top priorities is building programming that promotes the sharing of qualified knowledge. Education becomes an even more powerful catalyst for change when it is accessible to a diverse range of minds. This is why ease of access to our content offerings is always top of mind. This means that what we share with our community is accessible to those with varying degrees of ability and financial means.

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