Lit up sign that says think outside the box, sitting on a black chair


Led by Romina Kwong and Hannah O’Donovan, In the Business of Purpose is a conscious community and education platform. From the first moment they met, at a co-working space in downtown Toronto, Romina and Hannah connected over their common love of disruption and belief that ‘business as usual’ is not working. After several passionate and lengthy conversations, they concluded that the current model for success in business needs reimagining, shifting from a singular, profit-centered approach to one that also encompasses ethics and transparency, in equal measure.

Through workshops, online learning and community discussions, Romina and Hannah share what they’ve learnt on their individual paths as social entrepreneurs. Most importantly, they explore how to make the shift to a more inclusive and ethical business model that considers all stakeholders, including the planet. Because, contributing to genuine, intentional and purposeful action, starts with accessible education and a community that cheers you on.

Defining Your Business Values in Three Easy Parts